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Croatia claims prime position (M4x final Munich)

Posted by rowingvoice on June 21, 2012

Russia RSVP’d ‘no’ to the Munich invitation, letting Croatia have it all their own way.  The Croats’ Filippi bow put itself ahead after 50m of the race and never slipped back, leaving Germany and Italy striving for silver and the rest for the last three places.   Estonia’s sprinting capability, the product of Allar Raja and Kaspar Taimsoo’s time in the double, never showed to advantage, and the delighted Australians and Brits, in the A-final for the first time this season, got within overlap of the minor medals.

“A big step on — haven’t stroked since 1997!” tweeted Britain’s Matt Wells.  A couple of seconds more speed, and a medal might be within reach of hope for the Olympics for his crew as well as several others, even if the gold will probably be a face-off between Croatia and Russia unless someone pulls an AUS and jumps a level.  It’s going to come down to which of the rest can meld their crew best into a single unit, and who can train hardest.

Rachel Quarrell

Gold Croatia, silver Germany, bronze Italy; GBR, AUS, EST.


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