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Faltering start, blistering finish (W8+ final Munich)

Posted by rowingvoice on June 21, 2012

The view from the woman in Britain’s seat 6 was that instead of going out hard and keeping out of trouble, ‘we got dumped off the start and got into trouble, and then had to get out of trouble.’ Annie Vernon has changed from sculling to sweep to join this line-up that has been together now for two weeks.

Caroline O’Connor, the cox, was encouraged by the getting out of trouble bit. ‘Being dropped a bit out of the blocks left quite a lot of work to do,’ she explained, but the other crews didn’t manage to get farther away. ‘I was quite pleased with that. They didn’t get away a lot more in the middle of the race.’

Al Morrow’s Canadians led the race all the way, with Roumania in pursuit. The Brits managed to turn on a great push in the last 500 metres, overtaking Netherlands and Australia to win the bronze medal.

Christopher Dodd

Gold Canada, silver Roumania, bronze Great Britain; NED, AUS, GER.


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