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Taylor and Uru storm to the front again (LM2x final Munich)

Posted by rowingvoice on June 21, 2012

The lightweight men’s doubles was a treat, fast and furious from the start.  Whatever was up with GBR’s champion duo of Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter in Lucerne, it hasn’t yet been fixed.  All OK in the semi-final, the lack of energy dropped them into sixth again in the final.  So wipe them out of the list for now, which still leaves a clutch of half a dozen — France, New Zealand, Denmark, Hungary, Italy and the absent Canada — in the running for Olympic medals.

After France’s gold in Lucerne, New Zealand 2009 champions Peter Taylor and Storm Uru turned the tables on their European rivals in Munich, levelled them on points and claimed the world cup victory through seizing an early advantage and then fending off charges from pretty well everyone else.  Italy and France took their turns at pushing, but nobody could make any impression on the Kiwis and France’s sprint kept them ahead of fast-closing Denmark who used their wickedly fast final 500m to grab bronze.  Britain came last after being unable to match Hungary’s Zsolt Hirling and Tamas Varga, whom they have beaten repeatedly on past occasions.

“Yesterday [in the semi] was awesome,” said Hunter.  “That’s the speed we should be, the bottom standard.  We have the speed, but I don’t think we had the fitness to replicate it again today.  It wasn’t working.  I gather it looked hard work, and it was very hard work.”

Their chief coach Paul Thompson was happy with Britain’s semi-final, but is going back to the drawing board about Hunter and Purchase’s training.  “We just need to go back and look at the physical preparation again — the tightness of that event takes it out of them,” he said.  “I see it as in the consistency of what they’re doing. One thing we do know with those guys is when they get together with their coach Darren, and they’re all on the same page, they move on in leaps and bounds.”

But they’ll have to hurry up.  Whether GB get their mojo back or not, there are still plenty of high-class crews challenging for any of the medals in this event.

Rachel Quarrell

Gold New Zealand, silver France, bronze Denmark; ITA, HUN, GBR.


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