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As you might have noticed, there have already been a few blogs on the Rowing Voice website – now they’re moving here for a while, though in due course we hope to have them integrated into the official website properly.

Bear with us while a few changes are made over the next weeks:  meanwhile here are some important links for you.

This blog,, the latest addition to the Rowing Voice stable, keeping you in the loop.  Bookmark it now and tell us what you think.

RowingVoice on Twitter – @rowingvoice – bringing you daily interest and water-to-website commentary from the biggest UK and international rowing events.

RowingVoice on Facebook – updated regularly with things which pique our interest and should spike yours.

The Rowing Voice magazine – – in-depth reporting, features, news and analysis twelve times in 2012, for the bargain price of £20 annual subscription.  Previous issues available at £3 each, with the nine Beijing Olympic issues in one collection at a budget £5 total.

Something to contribute yourself?  Email

Rachel Quarrell, Martin Gough and Christopher Dodd, co-editors.

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